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Why equip yourself with a CMMS?

Equipping yourself with a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software allows you to simplify the work of maintenance teams, optimize schedules, gain in productivity, significantly reduce costs and be able to pilot the activity very quickly.

How to calculate the ROI of its CMMS?

Are you hesitating to change your software?
You can start by calculating the return on investment of your tool: G
ains - cost of investment / cost of investment.

Is there a difference between a CMMS and a Facility Management software?


What is the right price for a CMMS?

You can very reasonably allocate a percentage of your maintenance budget between 1 and 5%, with an almost certain guarantee of a very positive return on investment.

- 1% if your budget is expressed in tens of millions of euros per year
- 5% if your budget is expressed in tens or hundreds of thousands of euros per year

To calculate a maintenance budget, you can add up the payroll for maintenance management and technicians, add 20% for overhead and all the service providers you buy. 

In a few minutes, you can estimate the right amount to allocate to your CMMS.

Here is our complete study.

How to use a CMMS to streamline your facility's maintenance operations?

The first step is to enter all of your facility's equipment and assets into your maintenance management software. This will allow you to track and manage all your maintenance activities in a fully centralized manner.
You'll be able to create a calendar to help you drive all of your maintenance team's activity: scheduling daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly tasks and assigning each task to the appropriate employee.
This will ensure that all maintenance activities are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

How to choose your SaaS editor?

There are several things to consider when selecting a SaaS software vendor: 

  1. What features are essential for your business?  
  2. Is the solution proposed by the editor of your choice adapted to your activity? 
  3. Is the SaaS software vendor you select reliable and does it offer quality support?
How can a CMMS improve maintenance operations?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System helps you to improve your maintenance performance by automating and simplifying your actions: management of interventions, inventory tracking, equipment maintenance history, management of estimates and invoices, etc.


A single platform for business management and informed decision making. 

What are the different names for CMMS?
How to choose your intervention management tool?
  • The publisher understands my needs, supports me and seems to understand my business
  • The solution fits me perfectly
  • Training does not have to be necessary to get started 
  • The sense of contact and service of the team
  • The quality of the customer experience and solution design
What are the indirect benefits of investing in a CMMS?
  • Improved job attractiveness and reduced turnover
  • Simplified integration of new employees
  • Employee motivation
  • Better analysis of cost items and optimisations
  • Better operational decision because it is based on data
What are the 15 most requested features?
  1. Management of curative interventions
  2. Preventive management and associated recalls
  3. Management of technicians and service providers
  4. Interface adapted to user profile
  5. Planning
  6. Dashboard
  7. Intervention reports (can be created via the tool, or loaded)
  8. Storage of documents on the ticket, location or equipment
  9. Rule for automatic allocation of interventions
  10. Collection of quotes and invoices from service providers
  11. Automatic and/or one-click reminders
  12. Public interface for creating requests
  13. Validation interface for providers' invoices
  14. On the ticket: comments, notes and history display
  15. Display of equipment guarantees
How to write the specifications for the implementation of a CMMS?

The specifications for the implementation of a CMMS must detail the functionalities and technical specifications required by the company. It must also define the company's objectives and constraints in terms of activity and maintenance management.

The advantages of CMMS software
  • more efficient maintenance interventions 
  • avoid double entries
  • better communication between technicians and stakeholders
  • Real-time data on your maintenance activities
  • Informed decision making
  • monitoring of maintenance costs and performance
  • improvement of equipment performance

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