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Clear, real-time indicators to monitor your business and enable you to make the right decisions.

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Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - performance

Monitoring of intervention data

Improving the performance of your maintenance is the key to a tenfold efficiency. Bob! Desk allows you to reach your objectives by highlighting the time of treatment of incidents!

Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - tickets
  • Ticket: 360˚ vision
  • Average assignment time (per emergency / month)
  • Average response time (per emergency / month)
  • Average resolution time (per emergency / month)

Performance of technicians & service providers

Choose your speakers with a thorough knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses and use them on the topics they are good at!

Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - stakeholders
  • Tickets per speaker
  • Expenditure per stakeholder
  • Availability by stakeholder
  • Hours per speaker per month
  • Top 10 best speakers (internal rating)
  • Top 10 worst performers (internal rating)

Expenses: venues, equipment, etc.

Knowing exactly what you spend per sector and per month ensures that you optimise your profitability and allows you to plan your maintenance serenely over the long term.

Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - Budget
  • Total expenditure by ticket type
  • Total expenditure by trade
  •  Expenditure per month
  • Expenditure per trade per month
  • Expenditure by location
  • Total expenditure per ticket type per month


An accurate view of the health of your equipment guarantees a reduction in downtime due to breakdowns and anticipation of replacements, for a very high availability of your equipment.

Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - equipment
  • Tickets by equipment category
  • Tickets by equipment subcategory
  • Number of tickets per month and per category of equipment
  • Expenditure by category of equipment
  • Expenditure by sub-category of equipment
  • Expenditure per month and per category of equipment
  • Expenditure by month and sub-category of equipment
  • Hours per equipment per month

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Allows you to improve your daily performance


Allows you to optimise the profitability of your premises and equipment


Allows you to monitor the health of your equipment very closely

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