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Preventive and regulatory

maintenance equipment - round - features - bob desk

Preventive and regulatory

Simply track all your recurring services and significantly reduce processing time. You ensure perfect execution and high-level reporting.

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Creation of preventive maintenance

By location or by equipment, you gain in follow-up time but also in efficiency. Your teams are always one step ahead!

Bob Desk - CMMS - Curative and intervention - Maintenance creation
  • Site(s) and equipment selection
  • Periodicity (weekly, monthly, annual, triennial, etc.)
  • Automatic reassignment option
  • Adding additional information
  • Setting a planning date
  • Definition of a recall date
  • Automatic creation of the ticket for the next period
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Planning and recall

No more forgetting, no more delayed maintenance, no need to overload your memory, our CMMS takes care of the reminders.

Bob Desk - CMMS - Preventive and Regulatory - Planning and Recall
  • Automatic reminder to the speaker
  • Automatic reminder to the manager
  • Customer / technical company interface for viewing or updating
  • One-click manual recall
  • Planning from the calendar
Bob desk - Features - Maintenance follow-up location 2

Reserve management

Access a precise view at a glance.

Bob Desk - CMMS - Preventive and regulatory - Reserves management
  • Creation of a report via Bob! Desk
  • Loading an external report
  • Identification of reserves
  • Criticality level (low / medium / critical)
  • Automatic creation of the ticket for the lifting of reservations
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Highlight all the performance indicators that are essential to your decision-making!

Bob Desk - CMMS - Dashboard - equipment
  • Organization in 4 states: waiting for planning / to be planned / to be monitored / overdue
  • Compliance rate
  • Maintenance budget and lifting of reserves
  • Intervening statistics: on-time/off-delay ratio

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Saves you an average of 3 hours 20 minutes per week


Allows you to automatically reschedule maintenance


Allows you to track the maintenance history of an equipment


Allows you to have a calendar view of all maintenance

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