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Curative and interventions

tickets and interventions - round - features - bob desk

Curative and interventions

The fundamental unit of the solution, this module allows you to collect, manage and close your missions in record time!
Optimise the efficiency of your processing simply .

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Creating an intervention

Simple and intuitive to use, in a few clicks you describe your request, create and send your ticket. And that's it!

  • From a mobile, tablet or PC
  • Selection: level of urgency, location, equipment, description
  • Adding a photo, video, document or intervention report
  • Selection type: curative, preventive, disaster, event, other
  • Creation possible from a public interface (without identification)
  • Adding customisable fields
  • Technical company: you can create tickets for your customers or simply be notified when your customers suggest a ticket
Bob Desk - CMMS - Curative and intervention - validation and processing

Validation and processing

Open ticket, waiting to be programmed, quote validated, ticket closed, worker assigned, etc., everything you need to process your tickets

  • Acceptance / refusal with reason for cancellation
  • Proposal or stakeholder assignment mode
  • Notification of proposal or assignment by email and/or SMS
  • Relaunch and recall
  • Intervention threshold amount without quotation 
  • Technical Company: your actions on tickets are automatically notified to your customers
Bob Desk - CMMS - Technicians and service providers - ticket creation

Customer, technician, service provider interfaces

Each actor has access to the information he needs to manage, monitor and evaluate maintenance, all personalised, who can say better? 

  • Customer interface: create and view all current tickets
  • Employee interface: for your teams (company employees), to create and consult all current tickets
  • Technician interface: for your in-house technicians to access the planning, ticket list, equipment
  • Service provider interface: for your external service providers or subcontractors to consult the list of tickets, load quotes and invoices, fill in intervention reports
  • All interfaces are configurable
  • If you are a customer you can provide an interface to your service providers
  • Technical company: you can provide an interface to your customers and/or subcontractors
Bob Desk - CMMS - Remediation and intervention - Monitoring and reporting

Steering and transmission

For a piloting of your maintenance worthy of a formula 1 circuit, we have concocted tailor-made modes for you!

  • Assignment mode: direct assignment to a stakeholder
  • Follow-up and notification via SMS, email and interface
  • Proposal mode: sent to several stakeholders
  • Scheduling via date entry or via the calendar
  • Technical company: you can transfer a customer request to one of your technicians or a subcontractor

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Allows you to contact a provider directly via the ticket

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