CMMS Frequently Asked Questions

You still have questions about our maintenance management tool Bob! Desk ? Call our technical team at for all your CMMS questions.

What is Bob! Desk ?

Bob! Desk is a tool for managing tickets and maintenance and repair interventions. It is a platform that centralizes in a simple way all the planning and communication tools between the different stakeholders: you, us, your collaborators, your providers, our craftsmen and all the people you want!


On which media can I use Bob! Desk ?

The Bob! Desk platform is available wherever you have an internet connection! Great, isn't it?
To be more precise, Bob! Desk is available on all supports. From your web browser (google, safari, firefox, edge, opera, brave, Ecosia, ...) to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. 

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How do we communicate on Bob! Desk ?

Say goodbye to calls and emails exchanged throughout the day with your providers. Make your proposal for the place and time of intervention, the provider offers you his availability with an attached quote, and it is up to you to validate. Once the appointment is validated, it appears on your calendar Bob! Desk.

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How can I contact Bob! Desk support?

You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone at or by e-mail at [email protected]

Would you prefer to do it online? Find our contact forms directly on our contactpages. 


What are the advantages of going through Bob! Desk ?

By going through Bob! Desk, you benefit from a multitude of advantages. Among which :

  • A platform that centralises all your management
  • Certified and pre-screened providers through our network Bob! Dépannage you can rely on
  • Advice and support for your emergencies and technical needs
  • A team available for questions: problem identification, fee schedule, recruitment advice... We are specialists.


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What is the commitment of the subscription at Bob! Desk ?

Bob! Desk is without commitment. Monthly or annual payment, you have the possibility to suspend the service at any time, as long as your interventions and online invoices are up to date. For all your CMMS questions, you can consult the Legal Notice.

How can I be sure of the quality of the providers on Bob! Desk ?

The providers integrated in Bob! Desk come to us from our network Bob! Dépannage. Theyhave been met, tested and approved by our team of experts. 

Our artisan repairers must, among other things, have sufficient experience in the trade, benefit from accreditations relevant to their field (a professional license and insurance) and respect the ethical charter Bob! dépannage in the execution of their services (respect of the price list for example).

After each intervention, we also ask our clients to give us their opinions and feedback in order to ensure the consistency of the quality of our service providers.

We are pleased to count among our clients :

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